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Where to Call


Important Phone numbers you may need



  • 415-553-1943  -  Department of Parking & Traffic; Dept. of Parking and Traffic
  • 415-695-2020  -  Department of Public Works;                                                        
  • 415-743-5002  -  Power Outage Information;
  • 415-558-3236  -  Hazardous Materials;
  • 415-550-4911  -  SF PUC – reporting water problems;
  • 510-286-5444  -  Caltrans Structure Maintenance (Freeway concerns);
  • 415-597-5895  -  Caltrans Public Information Officer;
  • 415-554-6364  -  San Francisco Animal Care and Control;
  • 415-554-3000  -  San Francisco SPCA;




**311 Customer Service Center:

What is 311? 311 is a toll free, NON-EMERGENCY   phone number that the public can call to access information about government services. A live customer service representative will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. The service is available to both wired and wireless customers. Wireless customers should call 415-701-2311.  311 employees will be able to provide translation services in more than 145 languages and dialects and will employ a diverse staff of customer service representatives. Additionally, 311 is set up to accept calls from the hearing impaired by utilizing a TTY System.


**311 will also take police reports if you DO NOT have any suspect description and the crime is not in progress.  After meeting these conditions these are the reports 311 will take:  Harassing phone calls, vehicle break in, vehicle tampering, lost property, theft, and vandalism/graffiti reports.



**Cell phone 911:

How does 911 work on cell phones in San Francisco?

If you are on surface streets in San Francisco and dial 911, your call will be answered by the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management Services. Once the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management Services determines what emergency services are needed, they will then route your 911 call to the San Francisco Police Department or the San Francisco Fire Department, including ambulance service.


If you are on a freeway in San Francisco and dial 911, your call will be answered by either the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management Services or the California Highway Patrol Dispatch Center. Regardless, your 911 call will be routed to the proper emergency agency, the San Francisco Police Department, the California Highway Patrol, or the San Francisco Fire Department, including ambulance service.


Working Pay Phones in the Neighborhood

(as of December 2012)

Be sure to have a roll of quarters handy in case you need to use a hard-to-find payphone in the neighborhood should cell phone service be down.

Locations – subject to change without notice

  • 3rd Street at South Park – Shell Gas Station
  • 4th Street at King – Caltrain Station (6 total:  3 exterior on the Townsend side by taxis;     3 interior on the King side by the restrooms)
  • Crossroads Café (by restroom) – 699 Delancey Street between Brannan/Embarcadero
  • Bayside Village Market – Brannan Street at Embarcadero
  • Java House – near Pier 40 / King Street at Townsend Street
  • Ferry Bldg – foot of Market Street (2 exterior in the back area underneath the stairs by the ferry ticket office)
  • Embarcadero BART Station – on the platform.  (Look for others at/near the BART/Muni platforms)

If you come across a working payphone in the neighborhoods of Rincon Hill, South Beach, Mission Bay and/or South Park that is not listed above, please let us know.



To prepare yourself and your family for an emergency


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