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Vacation & Holiday Safety



Vacation / Holiday Safety


  1. GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME- The most stressful thing about holidays is often the rush to finish work before you go, the rush to pack, the rush to get everyone ready, the rush to get on the road or to the airport. Plan ahead as much as possible. Wash and pack the clothes you'll take a week before the travel date. Keep you travel documents and everything you need together in one place. A little fore-thought will go a long way to reducing stress on the day of travel.
  2. CHECK THE ESSENTIALS- If you're flying, check you flight details regularly to be sure they have not changed, and definitely the day before you travel and if possible, six hours before you fly.  If you're flying abroad, check all the passports and visa requirements as soon as you book your flights to make sure they're all up to date and valid. Confirm your reservations with any airport shuttles, hotels, or shows you've booked for the trip.  If you're driving, check out the car a week before the trip;  tire pressure and tread (including the spare), oil pressure and level, water level in the radiator, emergency supplies if traveling in winter.
  3. PROTECT THE CASTLE - If you'll be gone for a while, or even if only for a short trip, remember to hold your mail or ask a neighbor to pick it up for you. Stop any deliveries that may help strangers figure out you're not at home. Ask a neighbor you trust to drop in every now and again to make sure everything is ok. 
  4. PACK LIGHT & EASY- Try not to take everything PLUS the kitchen sink with you. It just becomes costly and troublesome to handle multiple suitcases or bags. Consider what you MUST have, including medications etc. Split medications between carry on and checked luggage if possible - just in case your bags go on their own vacation for a couple of days. Everything else can be bought or replaced when you arrive or return. A single bag when traveling makes things so much easier and less stressful.
  5. ITINTERARY PROTECTION - Consider e-mailing your itinerary and significant information details to yourself. In this way, if you lose your passport or travel documents, you can check your own e-mail account almost anywhere in the world and at least recover the pertinent information to try to re-assemble your trip.
  6. PHOTOGRAPH THE KIDS- Take some good clear photographs of any kids traveling with you, especially when going abroad.  Should they become lost, even if only for ten minutes in a strange bazaar or outdoor mall, a good photograph can be invaluable to foreign security or police who may not speak your language. A photograph is immediately recognizable and understood.
  7. BE COURTEOUS - No matter where you are, who you're with, or what situation you're dealing with, the last thing you want is raised voices and bad tempers on your holiday rest time. Don't let anything raise your temperature, and help to set the tone by being courteous and friendly to everyone. If someone tries to 'start something' simply excuse yourself and find somewhere more peaceful and relaxing.
  8. SPENDING A FEW DOLLARS FOR A CALM CAR RIDE; PRICELESS - If you have the sometimes inevitable long car journey with the kids (whether adult or actually children) it may help to save your sanity and their tempers by purchasing a few personal radios or DVD players with ear phones before you go. Let each person watch or listen to what they want without fights and arguments over the radio station. Then you can listen to Brahms or the Beastie Boys to your heart’s desire. Consider frequent rest stops for yourself to make sure you don't get too tired, and your passengers don't get cranky also.
  9. NEVER GET DRUNK WHEN TRAVELING- Beyond concerns about date rape drugs and the water borne bugs that can wreak havoc on a vacation when ice is added to some mixed drinks in some foreign countries - getting drunk in a strange place is just plain stupid. Your defenses are down, you may not speak the language well enough to seek appropriate assistance, and you could easily wander into situations or places you should not be. Keep your wits about you.  Enjoy a drink or two, but don't get drunk.
  10. KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING - Do your research before you go. Do your background check on the city and country you will be traveling to if you've never been there before. If you're flying, do some checking to figure out local customs, general safety in the area, as well as some cool places to visit or restaurants to eat in. Most importantly, figure out where your own country has a consulate or embassy and the contact information for it when traveling abroad....just in case.


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