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South Beach - Rincon Hill - Mission Bay Disaster Guide


South Beach / Rincon Hill / Mission Bay - Disaster Guide for Homes and Businesses 


We would like to acknowledge the Diamond Heights Emergency Preparedness Planning Workgroup for their outstanding work in developing and publishing their  own excellent Disaster Preparedness web site and in allowing us to use it as a template and inspiration for this site. We encourage all neighborhoods in San Francisco to do likewise with our web site.   We would also like to acknowledge the tremendous support, time and effort of our web master Mr. Maurice Bizzarri who donated his time and server space to make this web site possible.

In March of 2012 three members of the South Beach Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) leadership group came together as a Community Safety Collaborative (CSC) workgroup and began meeting with the goal of developing a web presence to provide detailed and evergreen information to residents and businesses on how to plan for, prepare for, train in anticipation of, respond to and ultimately recover from a disaster. Such disasters could be small in nature and may affect only your family or immediate neighborhood, or they could involve the entire city or State. They could be naturally occurring incidents or human created problems. This web site is the result of that work.

This web site is the result of months of work and effort on behalf of the South Beach, Rincon Hill and Mission Bay neighborhoods.  This web site provides a tremendous wealth of knowledge and information accumulated from our many individual subject experts and the numerous local, State and National organizations focused on safety, disaster response, resiliancy and disaster recovery efforts.

Many thanks are due to the following individuals and organizations for the review and development of this guide.


South Beach Safety CSC Group Goals

  • To share information and resources with neighbors and businesses and encourage a collaborative and cooperative overall approach to planning, response and recovery from any disaster or serious incident.
  • To develop and distribute paper and electronic plans for neighborhood preparations, training opportunities and resource identification prior to any disaster or incident occurring.
  • To develop and distribute paper and electronic plans for neighborhood disaster response and recovery when a disaster or incident occurs
  • To engage and encourage individuals, businesses and organizations in the neighborhood to participate in the planning, preparation, training, response and recover efforts within the neighborhood.
  • To work with all other community organizations, governmental agencies, business and residents in the creation of an effective community security collaborative; addressing all community concerns and challenges in a comprehensive and inclusive way as completely and effectively as possible.
  • To freely share the CSC concept, goals and information with any and all who wish to replicate this effort for their own neighborhood/community.


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