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Home and Office Safety




As with every neighborhood in San Francisco, and every city in the United States or around the world for that matter, crime is a fact of life.  A certain typical level of crime occurs each day in each neighborhood based on the characteristics of the area and the opportunities made available to criminals and petty thieves.


Home Safety

  • Make sure you have installed limiters on all sliding windows, to ensure that no-one can gain access to your home by simply entering through an already cracked window.
  • Make sure you have installed limiters on all sliding windows, to ensure that no-one can gain access to your home by simply entering through an already cracked window.
  • Keep your doors locked at all times, whether you are home or not.
  • Use or install a security "peep" hole, and check it before opening your door to anyone.
  • Use or install deadbolts on all doors in your home to ensure the door cannot easily be forced from the outside.
  • Illuminate the approach to your front door AND to any other doors you have that someone may approach. It's also a good idea to have illumination available to illuminate most of your property if you need to. Light is a burglar and criminals enemy.
  • Install an alarm system in your home and visibly post signs to that effect. Unlike the Hollywood movies, burglars and most criminals look for easy targets - not challenges!
  • Install and test smoke detectors outside of your kitchen and in the hallway leading to your bedroom. Smoke can kill while you sleep, before you even realize your home is on fire.
  • Keep two fire extinguishers in your home to fight small fires, but be sure to call 911 immediately if a fire occurs BEFORE trying to fight the fire. Keep one extinguisher in your kitchen, and one in your garage if you have one.
  • Develop an emergency evacuation plan, and emergency contact plan in case the worst ever happens and you need to leave quickly, or an earthquake, tornado, flood or other natural disaster occurs.
  • Know the likely natural disasters that may hit your local area, and take the necessary steps to prepare in case the worst happens. Be sure your kids know how to respond in such as emergency also.


Campus / School or Office Safety


1.    Know the emergency telephone number for your office, building, or campus.


2.    Familiarize yourself with the emergency situation protocols, plans, and communication methods. If there are none, push to have them established.


3.    Follow the instructions provided by emergency responders while you believe it makes sense, but ultimately, use your own common sense if something doesn’t seem correct.


4.    Join the Emergency Planning Team (EPT) to become involved in the planning and preparation for any emergency situation.


5.    In case of fire, know where the exits are, where the assembly areas are, and how to sound the alarm to warn others.


6.    If fire breaks out, evacuate immediately to the pre-determined assembly area until you are certain the danger is over. Don’t wait to be told to evacuate by security or fire personnel. Minutes can mean the difference between survival and death.


7.    In case of a chemical release, know the details of how to shelter in place. Use wet towels or wet paper to plug openings and block air vents that may bring toxic chemicals into your environment.


8.    In case of an external incident that forces evacuation of your building or campus, know the many egress routes available to you. Encourage your building or campus to conduct occasional tests and practice evacuations.


9.    In case of an armed assailant, run away as quickly as possible to a safe location. If escape is not possible or a safe route is unknown, know how to barricade yourself in a strong position to create a safety zone for yourself and others using tables, filing cabinets etc.


10. Practice evacuation protocols on a regular basis to fully familiarize yourself with the plan and all of your possible evacuation routes and barricade materials should the worst ever happen.


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