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Crime and Safety



Crime & Safety Tips for Homes and Businesses 

While our neighborhood is relatively safe in general, a small group of individuals came together in late 2008 to focus on addressing some of the challenges faced with quality of life, noise, and petty theft incidents in the area and from this effort  the SBRHMB Community Safety Collaborative was born.

Working closely with the SFDA, SFPD, San Francisco Patrol Special Police, UCSFPD, SAFE, private security and building management organizations, the CSC was originally formed and helped to keep residents and businesses alert to crime trends and problems and assists law enforcement in mitigating some of the causes of such crimes through information bulletins, advisories and encouraging residents and business owners to get involved in a safe and effective way.

The SBRHMB CSC partner Community Patrol USA has produces an invaluable weekly Crime Activity Report (CAR) e-mail which is freely distributed to anyone who wishes to receive it.  This report is the primary crime trending tool which compiles SFPD, CHP, USCFPD, Patrol Special Police and Community On Patrol Service reports of crimes and calls for service. 


Crime & Safety: Safety on the Streets

Keeping neighborhood streets safe for both pedestrians and drivers is a hands-on, everyday exercise for anyone who walks or drives. And after dark, risk factors multiply. The Taraval Police Station has produced a quick-read, no-nonsense pamphlet with safety tips for both pedestrians and drivers, plus solid data points on pedestrian fatalities; download the pamphlet  below, courtesy of the Taraval Station.

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