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CP-USA Crime Activity Reports

Community Patrol USA

Community Patrol USA (CP-USA) is a not for profit organization dedicated to developing and enhancing the safety and security of neighborhoods and communities through the establishment or advancement of a number of safety initiatives that involve the active collaboration of residents, business, private security, law enforcement and governmental agencies at all levels.

CP-USA works closely with many Federal and locaal law enforcement agencies as well as governmental and community organizations in order to deploy and support numerous safety and security efforts in a comprehensive and collaborative approach.  All CP-USA volunteers are unpaid community minded individuals.

We promote and provide information and assistance in the deployment of 5 major program initiatives:



Monthly meetings of key members of the resident, business, private security, law enforcement and local governmental agencies with a view to identifying concerns and problems and determining the most likely strategies and most effective use of resources to help mitigate or eradicate them. These meetings are limited in scope to look at only security and safety issues, they involve only one representative from each group, and they focus on creative solutions and mutual support and collaboration.



We work with local law enforcement and private industry to encourage and help the creation and development of community and business watch programs which provide vitally important information to private security and law enforcement agencies, but also establish an atmosphere into which many criminal elements will not wish to venture.



COPS is a well developed and internationally used model for community involvement and crime fighting. It involves walking, bicycling and driving patrols of unpaid volunteer community members working in close cooperation and collaboration with local law enforcement. CP-USA will help with establishment and training of patrol volunteers and will work with local private security and law enforcement to establish suitable parameters for the patrol to operate within. Patrols are additional “eyes and ears” for the neighborhood, and a visible expression of resident and business engagement in the safety and security of their community.  Patrols NEVER try to make arrests, but they do provide a wonderful visual deterrent and become excellent witnesses and first reporters.



A function of the community collaborative and neighborhood watch development is the creation of a Crime Activity Report which is distributed to all involved parties on a regular basis. This report is formed from information provided by residents, businesses, private security, law enforcement and government entities and helps to identify crime trends, concerns as well as crime abatement over time.

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Utilizing collaborative relationships with local law enforcement entities, timely notifications by e-mail or text message of violent crimes, containing time, location, crime, suspect description and direction of travel information is sent to subscribers within the geographic neighborhood. This will allow all neighborhood, building and business watch personnel, as well as citizens and private security to become a part of the “eyes and ears” network to help law enforcement locate and apprehend suspects who may have temporarily evaded police. The system also provides an alert capability to other businesses in the area, allowing them to be on guard against possible similar criminal activity.  At present more than 30 buildings and businesses in the South Beach / Rincon Hill / Mission Bay neighborhood are subscribed to the CAS program.


We firmly believe that government and law enforcement alone cannot fully or effectively secure the safety and security of any neighborhood or community. It requires the active and involved participation of the residents, businesses and private security entities within each community to work collaboratively with local law enforcement and government agencies in a multitude of ways and through a number of different efforts to bridge the gap between what most citizens wish, and what law enforcement and governments can achieve given their resources and funding.


CP-USA endeavors to facilitate the development of this collaborative and mutually supportive effort. We work to educate residents, businesses, residential and condominium owners and local associations to the benefits and need for such collaborations. We help to develop relationships with local law enforcement and local government agencies in support of mutual collaboration and we provide some information and guidance on how to create steering groups, conduct effective meetings and develop public relations strategies in support of your neighborhoods overall goals.


Please feel free to contact us at your convenience and we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your neighborhood challenges, and see how we can work together to develop enhanced safety and security for everyone in your community.


CP-USA Support to Various Communities around the world to Date


In our goal of enhancing safety and security we have been in communication with a number of different police organizations and communities around the US and around the world, including :


  1. Citizens On Patrol, New Zealand
  2. Copenhagen Police Department, Copenhagen, Netherlands
  3. Stonewall Patrol in San Diego, California
  4. Q Patrol in Portland, Oregon
  5. Oakland Police Department, Oakland, California
  6. Diamond Area Residents, Oakland, California
  7. North and East Patrol, Richmond, California
  8. San Francisco Police Department, San Francisco, California
  9. Castro Community on Patrol, San Francisco, California
  10. Haight Ashbury Community, San Francisco, California
  11. Glen Park Community, San Francisco, California
  12. Tenderloin Community, San Francisco, California
  13. South Beach Community, San Francisco, California
  14. Duboce Triangle Community, San Francisco, California
  15. South Of Market (SOMA) Community, San Francisco, California
  16. Northern Constabulary, Scotland, United Kingdom of Great Britain
  17. Tiburon Community, Marin County, California

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