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Business Watch



About A Business Watch


Business Watch programs work in a very similar manner to traditional neighborhood watch programs, but they focus primarily on commercial areas which have a significant “store front” presence.  Typically business owners or managers within a cohesive retail area, that my incorporate more than one logical block, come together and form the Watch by selecting a coordinator (watch Captain), exchanging contact information and forming a communication chain, and inviting SAFE to an organizational meeting to formally begin the Watch program.

In some circumstances, where residences are located above or adjacent to businesses within the Watch area, they are also included in the Watch program if they wish to be.


The Value Of A Business Watch


The simplest and most apparent value of a business watch program is the heightened awareness of staff, management and owners. Such awareness and sharing of information amongst the watch program members typically helps to improve the overall business environment, enhance the retail experience for customers, reduce overall losses and makes your business a less appealing target for criminals in general.

Along with establishing and helping you maintain and grow your business watch program, SAFE also offers a number of free and fee-based security consultancy and training opportunities in a number of import areas and topics.  Your SAFE business watch program coordinator will be able to advise you on the specifics of these opportunities which include, but are not limited to:

·         - Robbery Prevention Training

·         - Shoplifting Prevention Training

·         - Credit card & Check Fraud Training

·         - Employee/Internal Theft Prevention Training

·         - Personal Safety Training

·         - Workplace Violence Prevention Training


Existing Business Watch Programs in SB/RH/MB


At the present time there are no business watch programs in operation within the South Beach / Rincon Hill / Mission Bay neighborhood area. We’d like to see a business watch program on every logical commercial area within the neighborhood and will work with business owners and staff members to help establish programs where interest exists.  


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