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Building Watch



About Building Watch


Building Watch programs are very similar to a traditional neighborhood watch but focus on multi-unit dwellings such as rental apartments or condominiums.  The program can also be applied to multi unit commercial office buildings.

The building environment and security protocols will alter the deployment and use of building watch programs, but in general they follow similar concepts and protocols used in neighborhood watch groups by defining a floor or building Captain, establishing a communications method to impart information quickly to all units within the building and holding regular meetings, training and social opportunities.

When on-site security and security technology is present, this is incorporated into the watch program to leverage those resources fully, while using resident and employee resources to supplement and plug any gaps that may exist or may become identified over time.


The Value Of A Building Watch


The simplest and most apparent value of a building watch program is the heightened awareness of residents.  Through training, information and closer connections with local police, group participants are often more alert to suspicious activity and more willing to call police or security when such activity is observed. They also know how to call, what information to provide and how to keep a record of their observations for use later on if needed.

All of these simple steps greatly assist law enforcement and also help to maintain the safety and security of the block and the residents who live there.  A few hours a month can make a major difference in the safety and security of your block.

As multiple building watch programs become established, a Safety Collaborative is formed which allows the sharing of information amongst partner buildings on incidents, suspicious activity, threats and even opportunities and suggestions to improve overall security. 


The SB/RH/MB CSC Building Watch Collaborative


Since late 2009 the SBRHMB CSC has worked closely with the San Francisco Police Department, the San Francisco Patrol Special Police, Community Patrol USA and a number of building management and security companies in the area to develop a building watch collaborative.

Much like a standard neighborhood or building watch, the collaborative connects management, maintenance and security personnel at different buildings through the Community Patrol USA e-mail distribution tree, allowing them to share information on safety threats, security breaches, thefts, burglaries, suspicious persons and so on quickly and efficiently with each other. 

The CP-USA Crime Alert System (CAS) activated by these collaborative partners has issued 21 ALERTS since March of 2010 and is known to have led to the arrest of three persons suspected of crimes in the area.  Due to legal restrictions and liability, only formal building management, maintenance and security entities receive CAS collaborative ALERT e-mails, however we also send general information ALERT bulletins to individuals on our Crime Activity Report distribution when appropriate. 

The following buildings currently participate in the CSC Crime ALERT System program:

1.    SF Towers, 

2.    The Brannan,

3.    200 Brannan, 

4.    88 Townsend,

5.    South Beach Marina Apartments,

6.    One Rincon Tower,

7.    225 Berry,

8.    235 Berry,

9.    255 Berry,

10.  Arterra,

11.  Park Terrace,

12.  325 Berry,

13.  170 Off Third,

14.  50 Lansing HOA,

15.  Bridgeview,

16.  Watermark,

17.  SF Radiance,

18.  The Palms,

19.  The Metropolitan,

20.  188 King,

21.  170 Off King,

22.   Baycrest,

23.   301 Bryant,

24.   33 Clementina,

25.   The Beacon,

26.   300 Second Street,

27.   Yerba Buena Lofts,


If your building is not included in the list above, and you would like to see it added, contact your building HOA or management to start the process.  The CSC is completely free and is open to all rental and condominium building complexes and property management organizations within the SB/RH/MB neighborhood.

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